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    24.08.2006    Pictures from the Delro Raven with 3m Wingspan attached

    08.07.2006    Maps renewed and a new one attached

    21.05.2006    First videos attached

    06.05.2006    Newsletter attached to website

    06.05.2006    Homepage picture changed

    02.05.2006    Panorama's of Shanghai attached (Puxi, Pudong, both)

    29.04.2006    Pictures from Jin Mao and Pearl Tower attached

    29.04.2006    Pictures from Nanjing Dong Lu attached, galleries slightly restructured

    24.04.2006    Pictures from the hillside flying at Pfunds attached

    23.04.2006    Panorama of the "Kobler Bergwiesen" Tirol attached

    23.04.2006    Galleries better structured for better overview and to be able to add more pictures

    21.04.2006    Tips for building the Zlin 3D from Pichler Modellbau attached   

    17.04.2006    Pictures of the Huangpu River Tour attached

    17.04.2006    Pictures from flying the Zlin 3D at the "golf place" of our compound attached









Last Update: 30 December, 2007