Model flying links


  • Spezialist for Electro models

  • Indoor-, Park- and Funflyer

  • Sets for a fair price

  • My Zlin 3D comes from here



  • All kinds of models and tools

  • Good (Electro)gliders

  • Lots of accessories

  • My Elipsoid comes from here

  • The 2 and 4 mm polarity reversal protected gold contact connectors are from here

  • Graupner Servo connectors and tools to crimp the contacts yourself (for a really fair price)

  • All kinds of models and tools

  • Lots of accessories

  • My Excel Competition 3 comes from here

  • High quality models
  • My Raven comes from here


  • Videos about model flying, learning how to fly models and a lot more
  • I did buy already 10+ videos from here!

Last update: 02 May, 2007